Preventive Maintenance

SPX Heat Transfer offers a full complement of regular Preventive Maintenance Services that can prolong the life of your thermal equipment. Some of the component inspections, maintenance, and repairs routinely performed by SPX Heat Transfer service specialists include:

  • Tube sheet, tubes, and welded-end joint inspection for potential leak detection (using the air soap bubble test) and ID eddy current test
  • Individual tube testing for hydrostatic burst pressure and vacuum leak detection
  • Large volume tube and tube sheet vacuum leak testing
  • Re-expansion of leaking tubes and/or tube end welding

EXTEND Service Program

Reliable, consistent performance from thermal equipment is best achieved through careful monitoring and routine inspection and maintenance of thermal components. To increase vessel longevity and reduce life cycle costs, SPX Heat Transfer offers the EXTEND Service Program. We can provide the services necessary to maintain your pressure vessels, steam condensers, air preheaters, and other thermal equipment regardless of age, model, or OEM. Our EXTEND Service Program includes:

Regularly scheduled proactive care of thermal equipment results in reduced downtime, fewer emergencies and unplanned outages, and extended component life.

EXTEND Premium Service – Asset Management Program

EXTEND Service starts with a thorough inspection and detailed inspection report, completed by members of the SPX Heat Transfer field service organization. The initial inspection includes:

  • Structural integrity
  • Mechanical components
  • Water distribution
  • Thermal performance
  • Safety
  • Findings summary
  • Immediate recommendations
  • Long-term maintenance plan

By creating a custom database, SPX Heat Transfer can track all maintenance and repair work performed on your condensers, feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, preheaters and other thermal equipment. Data collected and housed on our secure site includes equipment identification, age, condition of specific components, inspection records, repair history, and performance tests. Asset management services include budgetary needs for maintenance to extend service life as well as projections for reconstruction and replacement.

Contact our knowledgeable team of SPX Heat Transfer professionals today to discuss your Preventive Maintenance needs for your power generation plant. We’re here to help!

Preventive Maintenance
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