Advanced Direct Contact Condensers


SPX Heat Transfer’s Advanced Direct Contact Condenser (ADCC) is a licensed technology designed for geothermal power that condenses steam directly from geothermal wells or steam flashed from hot brine. The ADCC uses a turbulent film to condense the steam. The higher thermal efficiency of the ADCC enables many benefits for a geothermal power system.

Primary Benefits

  • Can be designed for lower condenser pressure and/or less cooling water flow to reduce the size of major components
  • Reduces parasitic power consumption for the gas removal system, maximizing the net power generation
  • Reduces unit height, leading to smaller building heights, potentially aiding with tight space requirements
  • Low susceptibility to fouling and/or corrosion

Added Benefits

  • Low liquid side inlet pressure
  • Low vapor side pressure drop
  • Minimal degradation of heat transfer by noncondensibles
  • Prediction of absorption of noncondensibles

Savings Features

  • Lower cooling water usage, minimizing cooling water circuit first costs and power consumption or
  • Lower condenser pressure, increasing power generation
  • Lower exiting vapor temperature and lower vapor side pressure drop, minimizing gas removal system first costs and steam consumption for ejectors and/or electrical consumption for vacuum pumps – typically 8-15% parasitic power savings

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Advanced Direct Contact Condensers
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