Steam Turbine Isolation Dampers


In many combined cycle, cogeneration, and refuse recovery plants there is a requirement to operate the boiler while simultaneously performing maintenance on the steam turbine. Traditionally this has been accomplished with a separate dump condenser. However, this method is costly in both equipment and space and can accompany control and operational problems.

Ecolaire® by SPX Heat Transfer offers a zero-leakage Steam Turbine Isolation Damper that allows the main condenser to accept the steam from the operating boiler, thus eliminating the dump condenser and attendant systems. The isolation damper is located in the condenser extension neck and, with automatic operation, allows complete isolation typically within 10 minutes or less.

This 10’2” diameter damper will isolate a 60 MW turbine from a 35,945 sq. ft. condenser in a combined cycle cogeneration facility. The damper is fabricated as a separate unit for installation within the extension neck of this axial exhaust turbine. The damper is fully automated and has been factory assembled and tested for zero leakage and minus 15 psi differential.

The Steam Turbine Isolation Damper can also be utilized in peak load applications when process steam is required while the steam turbine is offline.


  • Sizes to 25’ x 25’ and up
  • Zero leakage isolation of turbine at +/- 15 psi
  • No additional pressure drop through extension neck
  • No air leakage to steam side
  • Fully automated operation
  • Complete worker safety
  • Lower capital cost

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Steam Turbine Isolation Dampers
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