Feedwater Heaters


You can count on Yuba® Feedwater Heaters by SPX Heat Transfer for long and reliable service life in your power plant.

SPX Heat Transfer engineers thoroughly understand the unique longevity and reliability factors required in power plant equipment design, which enhances our ability to communicate clearly with your power design engineers. Thus your engineers can anticipate maximum efficiency from the turbine extraction steam in preheating the boiler feedwater.

SPX Heat Transfer designs and manufactures both low- and high-pressure Yuba Feedwater Heaters, which can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on plant design requirements. In addition, our high-pressure feedwater heaters employ our patented Hemilok® Head Closure design to assure fatigue-free operation in difficult service.

Each Yuba Feedwater Heater contains one to three separate heat transfer areas or zones, including the condensing, de-superheating, and sub-cooling zones. Economics of design and the performance needs of your plant will determine the overall design parameters for your Yuba Feedwater Heaters.

Design Features

  • Venting systems with positive control of vent flows
  • Pass partitions with multiple designs for access
  • Large corner radii on high-pressure tubesheet-to-channel junctions
  • Thick drain cooler end plates
  • Single and double desuperheating section zones for moderate and extreme steam temperatures
  • U-tube bend supports of larger radius bends

SPX Heat Transfer’s Yuba Feedwater Heater design engineers are always available to assist you in determining those design parameters and how they will impact performance in your power plant. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you meet your power plant’s needs.

Feedwater Heaters
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