Geothermal Surface Condensers


For some geothermal applications, optimizing the cooling system may require surface condensers. Either because of the need to limit exposure of H2S to the atmosphere, or the desire for district heating or other waste heat processes, cooling systems with surface condensers separate the cooling loop from the geothermal steam.

Drawing on years of experience in geothermal technology, SPX Heat Transfer with licensed technology from SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. has brought Ecolaire® surface condensers and Marley® cooling towers into an optimized system.

How We Optimize

For a given condensing temperature, variation in water flow, TTD, and cooling tower approach are captured at defined intervals to optimize the cooling system according to the customer’s needs. Whether the goal is maximize production, minimize life time costs, or minimize up front costs, SPX Heat Transfer can provide the right solution for the customer’s need.

Surface Solutions Offer

  • Minimal H2S exposure to the atmosphere
  • Options for district heating and other waste heat processes
  • Fully integrated systems for maximum optimization

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