Lugat® Compact Heat Exchangers


Regenerative Heat Exchangers

Significant energy savings can be achieved in steam boilers and industrial furnaces with the use of Regenerative Heat Exchangers for the recovery of flue gas heat normally discharged into the atmosphere to preheat combustion air. The design of Lugat® Compact Heat Exchangers has met this need for many years, and its rugged construction has proved satisfactory for all fuels and operating conditions.

Carefully designed heat transfer plates are arranged in sectors of the slowly rotating rotor. During rotor rotation, the flue gas heat is alternately stored by the heating plates and transferred to the incoming air. This operating principle provides high heat transfer efficiencies within a very confined space.

The Heating Surface

The heating surface consists of metal plates of 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm thickness that, by virtue of their special shape, achieve a high heat transfer in line with the lowest possible resistance. On the cold end the plates are arranged in boxes 300 mm in height, which can be easily replaced. In corrosive environments the heating plates can be made of a special material or can be provided with durable enameling.

Rotor Bearing Arrangement

The rotor is seated in two self-aligning roller bearings. The bearing housings are cooled by water to allow a dissipation of the incoming heat from shaft and bearing area.


The rotor is normally driven by a geared motor via a pin rack, but it is also possible to apply any other type of drive unit, for example, steam or compressed air turbine.


The seals prevent the transfer of combustion air into the flue gas. The sealing plates are flexible to permit an adaptation to the rotor distortion under changing temperature conditions at different loads.

Auxiliary Equipment

Depending on the operating conditions involved, Lugat Compact Heat Exchangers can be equipped with auxiliary devices, such as a blowing device, a fire alarm system, an extinguishing device, a washing device, and rotation control.

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