Our Trusted Brands


Quality and innovation go into every SPX Heat Transfer product. Our trusted brands – from Ecolaire® and Yuba® to Hemilok®, Lugat®, and Rothemühle® – are designed, built, and installed using the highest quality standards in our industry. These high standards begin with our CAD/CAM design system, are built into each product on our assembly floor, applied during testing in our test labs, and come to completion during installation at your job site.

Ecolaire® Brand by SPX Heat Transfer is a globally recognized name in heat transfer equipment and related technology for the power generation industry. Since 1922, the Ecolaire name has been associated with producing condensers for a wide range of power generation applications. Ecolaire condensers currently in operation have surfaces up to 1.4 million square feet and serve plants up to 1300 MW. Our Ecolaire Brand is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is known for the following product expertise:

  • Steam Surface Condensers
  • Advanced Direct Contact Condensers
  • Steam Turbine Isolation Dampers
  • Steam Jet Air Ejectors
  • Vacuum De-aerators

Yuba® Brand Feedwater Heaters and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers by SPX Heat Transfer have more cumulative years of design and manufacturing experience behind them than any others. And more Yuba Feedwater Heaters are currently in active service in power plants than any other brand. Founded in 1928 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Yuba Brand has been awarded numerous patents for design innovation, ingenuity, and performance since its inception.

The patented Hemilok® Brand Head Closure for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers is a more recent innovation by SPX Heat Transfer. Hemilok is a full access head closure capable of withstanding the demands of thermal shock during high cyclical use. Its unique capabilities earned a US Patent in 1989.

Contact SPX Heat Transfer today to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals about your specific power generation needs. Our Trusted Brands can provide reliable and longer service life!

Our Trusted Brands
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