Steam Surface Condensers


Whatever your cycle or materials requirements, you can rely on Ecolaire® products from SPX Heat Transfer to supply quality, maintainable Ecolaire® Steam Surface Condensers.

Ecolaire® Brand Steam Surface Condensers by SPX Heat Transfer are currently in operation with surfaces up to 1.4 million sq. ft. and serve plants up to 1300 MW. This extensive experience includes fossil-fueled installations with pressures up to 3,500 psig and nuclear installations on virtually every type of reactor system built.

Over 80 SPX Heat Transfer multi-pressure units are currently in operation with up to six pressure levels. Double-effect hotwells are in operation recovering the auxiliary turbine steam heat content that would otherwise be lost to the cooling system. Close-spaced double tube sheets are protecting condensate systems from cooling water inleakage at various installations. And our steam dump systems with capacities to full steam generator flow offer reliable operation performance.

SPX Heat Transfer continues to advance condenser technology by designing and producing condensers using Austenitic Stainless Steel AL-6XN® tubes and AL-6XN® tube sheets, plus a unit using Ferritic Stainless Steel AL29-4C® tube and Type 904L tube sheets. These materials require the development of heat transfer parameters as well as tooling and other manufacturing technologies to ensure a quality product with high reliability.


  • Surfaces up to 1,400,000 sq. ft.
  • Up to 1300 MW and greater
  • Fossil fuel plants – nuclear plants
  • Multi-pressure systems
  • Fast installation worldwide

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