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The Cube BTC forced draft evaporative condenser is an indirect evaporative heat exchanger that converts refrigerant from vapor to liquid and efficiently rejects heat to the atmosphere. It is designed to support industrial cooling and refrigeration applications involving chemical processing, industrial gases and pharmaceutical production, as well as cold storage and food and beverage processing. The Cube evaporative condenser can be applied in systems using ammonia, hydrocarbon or halocarbon refrigerants.



From specification review, product selection assistance and on-time delivery to installation coordination, commissioning and ongoing operational support, SPX’s customer service and sales teams provide an extra measure of attention, know-how and commitment to your satisfaction.


SPX is committed to producing products with more value for our customers. The Cube Evaporative Condenser takes advantage of our team’s engineering and production strengths, as well as the business philosophy that meeting customer expectations is paramount to long-term success. Customers benefit from a well-engineered, robust and reliable product; and partnering with a business committed to customer satisfaction throughout the life of the product.

Manufactured in America

The Cube Evaporative Condenser is totally fabricated and assembled at U.S. manufacturing plants. From tube production and bending, welding, parts fabrication and assembly, condenser components are produced, inspected, assembled and performance-tested to our high standards of quality.

Blow-Through (Forced Draft) Models

Choose from a broad selection of BTC models in 10' and 12' nominal widths and four nominal lengths from 12' to 36' to meet your specific refrigeration requirements.

Product Support

Our network of sales and service specialists are ready to provide you the most responsive and knowledgeable product support across the United States, Canada and Latin America. Rely on us for expert selection, installation and operational assistance. 


Forced Draft Models

Choose from a broad selection of forced draft models in 10' and 12' nominal widths and four nominal lengths from 12' to 36' to meet your specific refrigeration requirements.

Built to Last

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel structure and casing
  • Submerged areas bolted or welded – not tap screwed
  • Welded areas hot dip galvanized – not cold galvanized
  • Stainless steel construction options

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Module connections designed for minimal fasteners
  • Mechanical systems designed for reliability and service
  • Self-draining, clog-resistant water distribution system
  • Pre-assembled platform options with welded guardrails
  • Large rectangular access doors


  • Single cell includes multiple belt-drive axial fans with TEFC motors for redundancy
  • Fan partition walls with large rectangular doors and removable air inlet screens for easy access to drive systems
  • Low-clog spray nozzles and self-draining spray header
  • High-efficiency triple-pass PVC drift eliminators


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